【Movie】How to set up the Natural mineral water

Last updated: June 6, 2020

【Movie】How to set up the Natural mineral water


This is the movie that  shows how to set up the water of  low hardness( water hardness 51), Japanese natural drink water( for processing and baby milk)


①Water for baby milk

Water is roughly classified into two types, soft water and hard water.
The water for milk powder that has been categorized to as ” soft water ” or ” pure water ” is said to be optimum.
Since it is difficult for infants to excrete minerals because the function of internal organs are immature.Low mineral content in order not to put a burden on the internal organs ” soft water ” has been good.

② Water for beverage(processing)

We are engaged in the manufacture under no sterilization without the chemical treatment, (such as sterilization and disinfection done in the manufacturing process).

In the Yoro Mountains is the bounty of nature water that has been naturally filtered over thousands of years.

In addition, in order to carry out the production in the absence of sterilization and no sterilization,  more than three times the effort and time in comparison with the others will require close attention.

In order to completely shut out the bacteria, we are performing a thorough management so that there is no contact with the outside air.



*Only Japanese caption Available 

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EFGLast updated: June 6, 2020

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