【MOVIE】How to use Combing trowel for applying tile adhesive

Last updated: December 27, 2020

【MOVIE】How to use Combing trowel for applying tile adhesive

Our MOVIE in this time shows that professional man ( the president, this manufacturer) teach how to use combing trowel for applying  Japanese tile adhesive “Neopita#99 and Neopita soft” 



*Available only in Japanese subtitles

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What’s the advantage of this Japanese tile adhesive?

  • High adhesive strength with high follow-ability
    When your tile adhesive is a cement mortar, there might be issues that tiled wall partially damaged or peeled off and getting weak when time goes passed because of low adhesive strength.  Both tile itself and mortar itself are expanding and contracting when temperature are up and down. So if it is cement based, easily damaged or peeled off

    But, our adhesive has Elasticity that will bring the tile follow-ability.
    So, finally both has highly adhesiveness, especially neopita#99. Because special epoxy urethane was developed originally.

  • Under the strict Japanese standards
    It is also suitable for the problem measures such as a defect housing, shoddy construction and construction has been aging. This is a product that was made with strict standards of earthquake-prone.

  • Total cost-down
    Another also gives the total cost down in terms of its work  ability. It is a popular product in Japan, even personal use for DIY because of its work-ability.

  • Safer products
    Moreover, our product has highly safe products 
    It has passed Japan ministry of health, labour and welfare guidelines 13VOC standards.(Formaldehyde grades are no limitation of a use environment.)

  • No hard physical labor
    →Special urethane in Neopita#99 and Special modified silicone in Soft have well-elasticity and that will bring you well performance and superior in work-ability.

  • Attach the tile without the joint material
    →Not required joint material if you want, because it has weather-resistant.

  • No mixing two adhesive 
    →Only one liquid moisture curable form, so very simple.

  • Ease for Disposal and for Handling
    →Aluminum pack will bring you easily to perform its disposal.
    →2kg pack will bring you easy to handle by one hand.


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