【BUY】Oiwai Beeswax Crayon (5 colors)

¥750 (税別)

カラー: 全5色 あお、みどり、きいろ、あか。ももいろ
サイズ: 本体:全長約21.5cm 高さ約11cm 幅約8cm 1本あたりの大きさ:全長約7cm 直径約1cm 

のしの種類:「おいわい」「ありがとう」「ほんのきもち」の3種類。詳しくは商品画像をご覧ください。 *その他、10本入りはこちら、「メリークリスマス」や「入園祝」などの期間限定品はこちらをクリックください。




Smooth drawing and beautiful coloring

It is a beautiful coloring that makes use of the smooth and pleasing feeling of depiction and the color of the pigment itself, which is quite different from crayons of petroleum derived material. All the kids have a good time with fun.

Not sticky, difficult to scum and to get dirty

Because it does not use petroleum derived raw materials, it does not sticky, it is difficult to stain due to the material that drawing leftover hardly come out. In addition, it does not have a peculiar oil smell, it gives a gentle scent.This is good products that their mind and feelings are conveyed.

Local production for local consumption

It is hard to manufacture with fully automated machines, and it is made by handmade by craftsmen one by one. It is safe and secure crayon that made it possible only for Toichi stationery factory because they has been engaged in the manufacture of crayons for nursery schools and kindergartens for many years.This is made in our hometown.

40% Natural beeswax included

“Toichi Beeswax Crayon” that manufactured there is a 40% natural beeswax included, so they use safe materials even put in the mouth. Natural wax that Honey bee gives for nest building. It is also safe to be licked even eat.

【Raw materials】

BeeswaxNatural wax that Honey bee gives for nest. It is a safe material that is also approved for food.
Carnauba waxIt is a natural material extracted from leaves of carnauba palm and used also for cosmetics etc.
Edible Oil / Pigment / Vitamin

Original service and contents only in this site

In domestic delivery, if shipping date is less than 30 days from this site, it is available for free return of freight . Although there are conditions such as unused goods, unopened goods, image difference( it not has been used after all), even in the case of returns by the circumstances of the customer,  we are accepting a return with no return charges and no return fees.

【Triple Security】→ life-derived + Made in Japan + Europe EU standard

Toichi crayon is made of only highly safe raw materials, including beeswax (beeswax 40%), and can be used safely for children. In addition to using raw materials that take such safety into consideration, we are manufacturing consistently from domestic materials.

※European EU Standard CE has passed and ST (Safety Toy) standard “heavy metal 8 element of material for paper” and “test of dissolution of coloring agent” has passed.

Additional information

Oiwai word

Oiwai, Omedetou, honno kimochi

coloring book

car, 女の子

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2000jpy, over2000jpy