【NOTE4】Comparison between Our beeswax crayon and the others(radar chart Ver.)

 Last updated: December 27, 2020

【NOTE】Comparison between Our beeswax crayon and the others(radar chart Ver.)

This chart comparing things frequently used for children’s drawing stuff by various opinions and personal experiments (click here to see the movie) gathered from publications and Internet search engine. This opinions are also included in my opinion. I think it will be helpful.

Radar chart Ver.


Below are individual comments.


Nagoya Toichi Beeswax Crayon

This is positioned in an high-quality category in the world of drawing colors in the analog category. Therefore, it is not widely popular to the world.

However, it has a lot of good point notwithstanding it is expensive, it is more stable. And it is easier to write than an others oil crayons, it is handy and has no stickiness.

Also, unlike colored pencils, it can not be erased with an eraser, but it is hard to break and can be written with weak power. Color development also takes place all colors stably.

That position is just between oil crayon and color pencil.

Of course, the safety is a crayon made from bees of honey, so its safety derived from life source.
Our “Beeswax Crayon” here is the crayon that containing 40% of beeswax made in Toichi Crafts in Nagoya.


Oil Crayon and Crepus

Crayon is a wax with hardened pigment. For Crepus, liquid oil and extender pigment are added to the main ingredient pigment and wax. There is no need to sharp and it is harmless.

It is rather hard, it is suitable for painting large surfaces. Because it is a vivid hue on applying with a weak force, the picture the child wrote in crayons has a uniqueness and charm. Because it was manufactured for infants, there is also a CE mark.

On the other hand, It is easilly broken, oil is more prone to repel than colored pencils, and color mixing and overcoating is not suitable due to repel colors above and it is difficult to draw the thin lines and delicate expressions as thought.

Also,it will often make paper and hands dirty because infants are unlimitedly draw and painted, so there is a disadvantage of crayon.


Colored pencils

Among colored pencils (oil based color pencils), black is graphite, and other colored pencils are made by kneading various pigments and thinning it.

Depending on the product, its core of the pencil may be oily so that the surface of the paper becomes glossy and some are difficult to get on with color, there are also beautiful delicate coatable products.

Also, although there seems to be a color pencil which can be erased recently, in general it is not easy to disappear with an eraser. There are also products without the CE mark (European safety standard).

On the other hand, the hardness is not only soft but also hard, the price is affordable, and in colored pencils just scraped out, delicate colors are added and the colors themselves are versatile.

Therefore, there is goodness of being able to control the color depth with the strength of the painting power. In other words, among those products, it is also an item that adults choose, and therefore it can not be used easily.


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