【NOTE2】Petapeta Block each package’s block list

Last updated: December 27, 2020

【NOTE】Petapeta Block each package’s block list


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*We may change the contents or quantity without notice.




32 60
32 72
10 22
16 44
10 12


12 16 24
13 16 24
14 16 24
15 16 18
16種類・合計 200個 400個



Feature – why creativity is rich?

① Can attach them from four sides.

The biggest feature of this block is that, without choosing a direction, Any child is able to connect this colorful block on any side with original plug and it is easier to plug in and out. And the force is not needed when it attached. Since the mechanism is so simple.



② creativity infinity

The concept of this product is the creativity infinite in a simple word.Other blocks are provided the goal, for example, “Let’s make a monster!”On the other hands, there is no goal. By going to a combination of more and more from the above-mentioned, child’s own imagination  become  in shape.


Considering the safety of the child who often carry something to the mouth, all the blocks are more than 3 cm. There is also no sharp edges and all are made of soft Polyethylene, which enable a child to play freely without injuries. 
* EN certification has passed.



④Made in Japan
Poured evenly resin in narrow place, it is a high quality products in the manufacturing of the product that can not be imitated. 




We are YOUR Tokai Slow toy Club

Our slow toy concept is four, Fun(kid’s speed), Mind(A sound mind that give kid enriched by a sound adult), Social (Local production for local consumption) and Safe (safety first for kids)

If we might focus on only local, we are too closed and conflicting. So, our club’s single and simple concept is “Stay locally, Think globally” which to consider kid’s Fun all over the world, to connect two Minds between anywhere, to protect their Safety, and finally to build sustainable society in Love. That will make our lives to be peaceful and fruitful.

We are finally FOUR smiling club. When a child is smiling, their family, the locals and masterpiece maker will be also smiling.

We have official SNS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. those are not always written in English, but, we will be glad to your click.


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